Software Requirements Specifications Template

I found a template for creating requirements specifications for software. The template was made free for use by Karl E. Wiegers. Each section to fill in has a description of what should be written there. It is a .dot template for Microsoft Word.

You can get the template by clicking here.


Touch 2.00

This utility can set the date and time of a file. It was originally written in Visual C++ and has been ported to C#. The source code is included.

I wrote this program mainly to show how easy it is to set the date and time of a file. I’ve seen overly complicated ways of programming touch and this source should show how simple it is with .NET 2.0.

You can get the file by clicking here.


List of Free Photo Sites

This is a short list of web sites I compiled that have free photographs for downloading. Most of them can be used for commercial purposes. These images can be used for web sites, printing, or applications that you create. They are a big improvement over cheesy clip art.

Photo Web Sites

  1. webshots,, 397,000,000 images
  2. stock.xchng,, 256,352 images
  3.,, 100,558 images
  4. Community Indexed Photo Archive,, 27,000
  5. Gallery,, 20,572 images
  6. STOCKVAULT,, 4,000 images
  7. Free Photo – Cepolina Photos,, 3,577 images
  8. [OPENPHOTO],, 3,436 images
  9. Holy Land Photos,, 2,761 images
  10. Free Images – Free Stock Photos,, 2,500 images
  11. Barry’s Free Photos,, 2,300 images
  12. Free Stock Photos,, 1387 images
  13. Aarin Free Photo and Digital Images,, 950 images
  14. Free Photographs Network,
  15. Free Photos,
  16. Free Stock Photos,
  17. FreePhotosBank,
  18. Free-Stock Photos,
  19. Geek Philosopher,
  20. PD Photo,
  21. Photo Rogue,
  22. Photocase,

Community Sites

  1. flickr,
  3. yotophoto,

Image Search Engines

  1. Image Search,
  2. Google Image Search,
  3. Live Search Images,
  4. Picsearch,
  5. Yahoo! Image Search,