Installing MediaWiki on 1&1

I recently tried to install MediaWiki on my account with 1&1 I couldn’t get past the second installation page. The software couldn’t find /config/index.php even though the file was in that subfolder. After some experimentation, I came up with a solution to install MediaWiki.

  1. Copy the MediaWiki installation files to your web site address folder.
  2. Rename the config folder to configuration.
  3. Create a folder called config and give it full read/write permissions.
  4. Create an .htaccess file in the root of your web site. Open the file and add the following line to it:AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
  5. Open the web site address in your web browser and click set up wiki.
  6. You’ll get an error message titled “Multiple Choices”. The installer can’t find /config/index.php. Go to the address bar in your web browser and change the config word to configuration. Open the page the address bar is pointing to. The URL should look something like this:
  7. Fill out all of the required fields to install mediaWiki.
  8. After installation is complete, move the /config/LocalSettings.php file to the root folder and your wiki is ready to go.
  9. Remove all write privileges to the config folder that you created earlier.


7 Responses to Installing MediaWiki on 1&1

  1. Daniel says:

    Hey I used to have a 1&1 account and I was thinking about getting it again so I could host a wiki but I was wondering if you were able to get the Math (and images) processing stuff working.
    I have had a lot of issues trying to do it on my Mac for local testing and I also don’t want to pay for the hosting and then find out the needed unix packages aren’t available.


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  3. Vox says:

    Thanks for this tip, that was very very usefull to install Wikimedia on my 1&1 server !

    That must be included by default in Mediawiki script !!!

  4. Johan says:

    It should be included. There isn’t much help with installation problems in the MediaWiki documentation.

  5. Goyal says:


    I was able to setup Mediawiki on 1and1. However, do you know how to configure email support for the Wiki on the same installation?


  6. James Reyes says:

    One thing I would add is that since you are changing the name of the config directory, you will need to edit the /config/index.php file on line 756 to change the chdir function to look at the renamed directory:

    $wgCommandLineMode = true;
    $wgUseDatabaseMessages = false; /* FIXME: For database failure */
    require_once( “$IP/includes/Setup.php” );
    chdir( “config” );

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