Upgrading to Windows PowerShell 2.0 from Community Technology Preview

I was surprised to learn that PowerShell 2.0 was released last July. I’ve been running version 2 of the Community Technology Preview for over a year now. When you upgrade to a newer PowerShell, you need to uninstall the older version first. I installed the CTP edition, and then installed the latest version. This is the error that occurred:


Setup cannot proceed. Windows Management Framework Core is already installed on your system.


This application needs to be uninstalled before you can install PowerShell 2.0. Go to the Control Panel, select Add or Remove Programs, and check on Show Updates to see Windows Management Framework Core. If this is not checked, the application will not be visible in the control panel. When you try to uninstall it, you get a warning that IE 8 may not work correct. Ignore this and uninstall it.

Once the Windows Management Framework Core is uninstalled, you can install PowerShell 2.0 without any problems.

The Scripting with Windows PowerShell site is a good one to get started. There is a free tutorial on learning the shell, a graphical help file and cheat sheet, and a script repository with an extensive library of functions to save you time in building applications.


Using FCKEditor in ASP.NET 3.5

FCKEditor is a text editor that you can use in a web page. It has many more options than the text input boxes in HTML. This is a WYSIWYG editor and resembles desktop applications like Microsoft Word.

It supports multiple languages, but if you want to use it in an ASP.NET site, the ASP.NET control for it is required. The problem here is that the documentation doesn’t fully explain how to use it in an ASP.NET 3.5 page.

Setting Up FCKEditor

You need to download the FCKEditor code, currently at version 2.6.6 and then the ASP.NET control to work with it. Open the ASP.NET page and place the following code below the <% Page Language … %> section to register the control:

<%@ Register Assembly="FredCK.FCKeditorV2" Namespace="FredCK.FCKeditorV2" TagPrefix="FCKeditorV2" %>

To display an FCKEditor text box, place the following on the page:

<FCKeditorV2:FCKeditor ID="FCKeditor1" BasePath="~/fckeditor/" runat="server" Height="400" Width="800"></FCKeditorV2:FCKeditor>

The following control should then appear on your page. There are many options to customize the editor which depends on the application that its being used in.

Editing Text With FCKEditor

You can download FCKEditor at