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Google On Your TV

Cell phones recently became smart and your TV is next. Google has developed a service which combines television and the Internet. It will be available for Americans this year, and Canadians soon after.

Why is the significant? Your TV will become a web browser. You will be able to watch TV shows and movies on demand. While this technology is already available on current TV services, you will also have the advantage of viewing videos on the Internet, such as from YouTube.

A very interesting part of Google TV is that it will run Android apps. This opens up a new and very large market for software developers. TV watchers can download and install Android apps. There are many types of applications that can be sold for the TV and their typical low cost and ease of purchase through app stores will be a major money maker for software developers. Its time to master Android programming. :) Developer information for Google TV isn’t available yet, but you can submit your e-mail address to Google to be informed when it is ready.

Web developers should also go to the Google TV Web Site Optimization Guide in order to make their web sites view correctly on this service.

Google TV

It was only a matter of time before the Internet came to your TV. Computer stores sell LCD TV’s along with computer monitors. There really isn’t much difference between the two, except one has a TV tuner and better speakers.

There are boxes developed for directly interfacing with a TV to add the Google services. Hopefully, there will also be software available to use a desktop computer with your TV. With a computer, you won’t need a separate DVD/Blue Ray player because everything will be in one box.

The merging of the Internet and TV is inevitable. Let’s hope that TV’s remain smart and don’t degrade to the sort of programming on Idiocracy, where a video was displayed in the centre and there were ads all around on it on the screen.

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