How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Failure to Activate License

When I upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows XP, everything worked well except Microsoft Outlook. It required me to activate its license and failed on every attempt I made at this. This may be due to it trying to write data to a folder that Windows 8’s enhanced security was blocking. Windows 7 users experience the same problem with Outlook’s license activation.

The solution is very simple. You need to run Outlook as an administrator, i.e. right click on the Outlook program icon and select “Run as administrator” from the list of options. Even though I was logged in as administrator, I still had to do this step to force Windows to run Outlook as an administrator. Outlook was then able to activate its license with Microsoft and then ran without a red title bar in the application that indicated a problem.

15 Responses to How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Failure to Activate License

  1. Isabella Gordon says:

    I purchased my laptop in 2013, installed with the purchase was Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013, when I open my email it states on the top red bar that Microsoft Outlook states
    Product activation failed – what is the problem??

  2. RSH says:

    Thank you, that worked!

  3. Shirley says:

    Have downloaded windows 10, did not activate update and now have product activation failed on the top tool bar every time I turn outlook on

  4. Philippa langdon says:

    My outlook email programme wont work. It says it is unlicenced

  5. Philippa langdon says:

    my emails are not working. It says my outlook express account is unlicenced

  6. rischa says:

    when i right button click i do not have the option to run as admin.. whats up with that?

  7. Sue says:

    I also do not have the option to run as admin. I have the red bar, but Outlook seems to be working so far, but only on certain email routers. Got the laptop in 2013, same as previous comment, updated from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. Afraid to upgrade to Windows 10 due to all bad reviews.

  8. Cindy Brannan says:

    My e-mail has the red line “product activation failed” so I cannot receive ant e-mails

  9. breege says:

    after upgrade it says my outlook says the certification isnt valid so i cant even right click

  10. Rwafeed AL-Dhahir IT says:

    My e-mail has the red line “product activation failed” so I cannot receive ant e-mails

  11. Bojana Kovacevic says:

    I have issues with I want to connect the mail address I received from my telecom operator. However, whenever I try to change the server settings as advised by the telecom support staff, I receive a message that something went wrong and that the system could not find my account.
    After each subsequent attempt to set the settings as advised, the settings are reversed to the initial settings – in particular the port for the outgoing mail – which remains 995, along with the wrong incoming mail server name.
    I understand that this is an alias account, I cannot get rid off for several months, or potentially two years…

  12. james says:

    i having trouble of Microsoft outlook (product activation fail)
    and unable to send any mail and restore back previous send mail. Need help!

  13. Johann says:

    My e-mail has the red line “product activation failed” so I cannot receive ant e-mails

  14. James says:

    Are any of these problems being fixed? I have the same issues. Outlook isn’t working.

  15. Neil Simpson says:

    keep getting “product activation failed” have been getting that for some time but today i can not open emails i have had this computer for 2 years it was my grandsons before that.
    what do i do? 303-478-1565 i can not open emails.

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