Demystifying Recipe Abbreviations

  • The software developer’s guide to recipe abbreviations. Many software developers enjoy cooking, because unlike building apps, recipes don’t require dependency updates to make them work. I’m very much an amateur chef and I couldn’t just walk into a kitchen and make lasagna, but I could do it if I had a recipe and/or tutorials for this. One thing that always confused me was “t” and “T” in measurement. The following list should make things easier the next time your following a taco recipe from Dinner Spinner.
  • c. – cup
  • doz. – dozen
  • fl.oz. – fluid ounce
  • gal. – gallon (4 q = 16 c)
  • lb. – pound (16 oz)
  • oz. – ounce
  • pt. – pint (2 c)
  • T., Tbs., tbsp. – tablespoon
  • t., tsp. – teaspoon (3 t = 1 T)
  • qt. – quart (4 c)

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