Hawaiian food rapidly growing in popularity in Vancouver. Its sushi in a bowl.


I’ve seen poke restaurants appear all over the place. This got my attention so I decided to try this food and see what all the rage is about. Poke is a traditional Hawaiian food with heavy Japanese influence. This is sushi in a bowl without the rice and seaweed wrapping.

I’m not a fan of raw fish, but today Westcoast Poke had a daily special on teriyaki poke. The option was to put this on rice or salad which is great for keeping things keto. When the lady was preparing the chicken, she put it in a bowl with some sauces and used a torch to heat it up. Interesting way to make food.

The poke was full of flavour. Very good and spices I didn’t recognize. It definitely tasted like sushi. This has become one of my favourite foods. I’ll have to try different bowls that don’t have raw fish.

You can find Westcoast Poke at 468 W. 8th Ave., Vancouver, BC.