My weight loss journey with keto and intermittent fasting over one year.

Last year around this time, I decided I would no longer tolerate being overweight with a pot belly and would do whatever it took to lose the excess weight. The plan I chose was keto diet with intermittent fasting. It has proven success and results with many people on their weight loss journey. One year later, the pot belly is almost all gone. I thought this would take only 6 months, but its a long battle of hunger and low carb eating.

During this process, I didn’t following the protocols 100%. I occasionally ate pizza, cake, ice cream, chips, breakfast bagels from McDs, wraps from Tim Hortons, coffee w/sugar, and other non-keto foods. Most of the time I was keto/IF and achieved good results. I had weight gain for a while when I slowed down on IF, but weight loss resumed after fasting continued.

Keto/IF works. The secret to successful dieting is to stick with one diet and don’t follow fads. All diets work, but not when your constantly changing them or trying a new fad miracle cure found on the Internet. What you need to succeed is not willpower, but an ability to tolerate pain and continue the program.

Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t punish yourself if you “cheat” on the diet. If you want to eat a cake, then eat one. Just don’t do a lot of this until your reached your goals. If you take a little longer to reach your weight, that’s ok. Stay focused on your goal and you will achieve it.