Find the Mac Address in Windows XP

There are 2 ways to find the Mac address in a Windows XP computer. The easiest way is to use the command shell and another option is available through the control panel. Command Line Mac Address Open the command shell (click on Start, select Run, type cmd and press OK). When the command shell opens, … Read more

How To Restart VNC on OS X

When the VNC server on a Mac crashes, you can restart it by rebooting the computer or possibly by restarting it from the Sharing menu in System Preferences by clicking the checkbox on and off. To restart it remotely, you need to have the Remote Login enabled (see below). After you login by SSH to … Read more

2010 Olympic Torch Community Celebration in Richmond, BC

There are increasing number of visitors arriving in Vancouver for the Olympics. I’m hearing more and more different language and the police have a very strong presence around the Olympic sites and major transportation sites. The feeling of excitement over the Olympics are growing among the people here, in spite of the lack of snow … Read more

How to Make Almond Butter

I have a problem. I like almond butter, but I don’t like paying for almond butter. The reason is that its too expensive compared to peanut butter. After some research and experimenting, I have an algorithm (or recipe for the non-techies) to create it yourself. The first thing you need is a food processor, preferably … Read more