Direct URL for a Store in XMPie uStore

You can login to an XMPie uStore using a direct URL. This is just for debugging purposes. Normally an outside user will use a friendly URL that the proxy server generates. The URL for accessing a store is: The XX is the StoreID that you can find in the uStoreAdmin site under ID … Read more

Using an Apostrophe in a Variable in MSSQL

A user created an account in my web application which had an apostrophe in their e-mail address. It was similar to First_D’ I didn’t think that an apostrophe was a valid character for an e-mail so I didn’t have any code to prevent it from crashing the app when it tried to run. The original … Read more

Setup Emergency Alerts !important

I’ve compiled a list of important emergency alerts that should be on your cell phone and Twitter accounts. These can be found on the EmergencyInfoBC web site, but I summarized the important data to use with your devices for receiving these alerts. Two of these are geared towards BC and Canada residents, but the other … Read more

A Terse Guide to Big Numbers

When I started my adventure in computers in school in the 1980’s, we were using Apple II’s and Commodore Pets which had around 64K of memory. My first computer in 1984 had 128K memory and a 360K floppy disk drive, which seemed like quite a bit of storage for the tiny apps that were built … Read more

How to Recover a Joomla Admin Password

If you don’t login regularly to your Joomla administrator site, you may one day forget what your password is. If this unfortunate event does happen, its very easy to recover it if you have access to the database that your web site uses. Open your database and find the table prefix_users, where prefix is the … Read more

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Failure to Activate License

When I upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows XP, everything worked well except Microsoft Outlook. It required me to activate its license and failed on every attempt I made at this. This may be due to it trying to write data to a folder that Windows 8’s enhanced security was blocking. Windows 7 users experience … Read more

Redirecting ASP.NET Pages

You can redirect an ASP.NET page using one of three methods. The first method is through metatag redirection. If that fails, then it will try to redirect with JavaScript. If that fails, a URL will be displayed that the user can click on to redirect the page. An HTML 5 only version of this redirect … Read more

Finding the Version of Joomla in the Back End

I was trying to find out which version of Joomla was installed in a web site. The first place I looked was in the database where this type of information was normally stored. I couldn’t find any global settings table which would have the version number. This is because Joomla stores version information in the … Read more