Deleting a Folder in Windows that is Not Accessible

I recently merged two drives that were in separate partitions on a hard drive with Partition Magic. Hard drive F would be copied into the a folder called F on hard drive E. Unfortunately, an error occurred and the operation failed. The two drives were merged together, but the contents of drive F: were lost. … Read more

Using MySQL on Another Server

Many web servers have a database server on the same machine. A problem with this type of configuration is that it puts too much of a load on the server and overall performance can be poor with a high traffic web site. Database servers work best when they are on their own computer apart from … Read more

Installing PHP on Windows Server 2008

In a previous post (How to Install PHP on IIS), I described how to manually install PHP on Windows. This procedure can be used to install PHP on Windows Server 2008, but you can also install it through the Web Platform Installer. The first step is to go to the PHP on IIS7 site and … Read more

Opening a DWFx Document in Windows XP

A DWFx document is an AutoCAD DWF file formatted to work for Microsoft’s XML Paper Specification (XPS). This is included with Vista and viewers are available for other operating systems. XPS is a direct competitor to Adobe’s PDF technology and is better suited for graphics intensive documents. You need the Microsoft XPS Viewer to open … Read more