Fixing Terms and Conditions in uStore 7.3

The “Terms and Conditions” link when creating a new user in uStore 7.3 do not seem to work on my system. When the link is clicked, it opens the login page in a new window. If an existing user logs in here, the terms page will then appear. The user will need to close this … Read more

Create a Custom Help File in uStore

You can define custom help or context sensitive help in uStore by creating an HTML file and entering it in the appropriate text box. This section is found when you login to uStoreAdmin and then do the following steps: Open the store. Go to Store Setting. Select Set Up Store. Go to the Advanced tab. … Read more

QLingo for Notepad++

Writing code in QLingo for XMPie uStore in InDesign is challenging since it can be difficult to read due to the font and lack of colours to highlight key areas. I prefer to write code outside of InDesign so that I can save it in an easy to reference format. My programming editor of choice … Read more

Backing up MySQL Databases with PowerShell

I created this PowerShell utility to backup MySQL databases to a path. You execute it in by right clicking on the script in Windows Explorer and select Run with PowerShell or run it with the PowerShell command line: ./MySQL_Backup.ps1 The script can be downloaded here: MySQL_Backup.ps1.

How to Delete a Windows Service

Uninstalling a program in Windows doesn’t always delete the services that it was using. There is no way to delete a service from the interface in the Windows administrative tools, but you can do this manually through the command prompt. Open the command prompt by press the Windows key and R (or alternately opening the … Read more

The MIT Licence

The MIT License is my favourite license for publishing free and open source software. Its simple and short which makes it easy to embed in source code. This license basically tells the user that they can do anything they want with your software and your not liable for any damages that may result from their … Read more

Redirecting Pages in HTML 5

Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8/2012 has compatibility problems in using the Refresh meta tag to redirect pages to a new URL. You can get around this by including a JavaScript redirect and an HTML link in case that doesn’t work. Replace all 3 instances of below with the URL that you want to … Read more