Using Microsoft Office MIME Types with MailKit

Recently I had problems with attaching a macro-enabled Excel workbook to an email. When it was received, the macro’s didn’t run correctly on the latest version of Microsoft Office. It did run correctly on Excel 2007. The workbook was being corrupted in the encoding into the email or decoding when its downloaded. The following code … Read more

Real Time Code Compiler from Skype

Screen sharing apps are commonly used in business meetings where people aren’t sitting next to each other in a boardroom. Another use I have for them is in technical support for software where your client shows you on their computer what bug they discovered in your software. Skype created an interesting way to do screen … Read more

C#: Hello World!

This is the “Hello World! program that every programmer learns in their first 5 minutes of their schooling. Compile this as a console project to test if your compiler is working. ConsoleApplication1 { class Program { static void Main (string [] args) { Console.WriteLine (“Hello World!”); Console.ReadKey (); } } }