Primal Goulash

Eat goulash like your paleo ancestors did! This is a favourite comfort food from my Slovak childhood with a few modifications to make it paleo friendly. Recipe Times Prep Time: 30 min Cook Time: 2 hrs Total Time: 2.5 hrs Ingredients Beef Broth 0.5 kg Beef Cubes 12 cups Water The Soup 1 tbsp Caraway … Read more

How to Fix Multiline TextBox Word Wrap in Edge / IE 11

Internet Explorer 11 and Edge work in a different way with fixed width text boxes (see examples below) than previous versions earlier than 11. IE 11 and Edge inherits the white-space property from its parent. So, if text overflows in these browsers, it won’t wrap in the box. HTML: <textarea rows=”4″ cols=”50″>Lots of text …</textarea> … Read more

Installing MS SQL Server on Ubuntu

At Microsoft Connect(); 2016, it was announced that MS SQL Server was available for Linux (Ubuntu and RedHat) and MacOS. This was a real surprise and I’m not sure if its free or not. It was an easy installation on Ubuntu 16 running on HyperV on a Windows 2012 server. The installation procedure for MSSQL and … Read more

DIY Peanut Butter

There have been far too many political posts this week so here is a positive one: how to make your own peanut butter!!! You’ll need: peanuts, lots of them food processor  Very simple procedure. Put peanuts in food processor and turn it on high speed. Eventually the oil gets separated from the peanuts and it … Read more

A Better Error Page on the Canada Immigration Site

Tonight during the historic US election, the Canadian Immigration site ( was down. I’m sure it had nothing to do with Americans trying to leave their country and move to Canada in light of the imminent Trump victory. The following ASP.NET error page was displayed: This is a default error page that gets displayed for … Read more

Direct URL for a Store in XMPie uStore

You can login to an XMPie uStore using a direct URL. This is just for debugging purposes. Normally an outside user will use a friendly URL that the proxy server generates. The URL for accessing a store is: The XX is the StoreID that you can find in the uStoreAdmin site under ID … Read more

Using an Apostrophe in a Variable in MSSQL

A user created an account in my web application which had an apostrophe in their e-mail address. It was similar to First_D’ I didn’t think that an apostrophe was a valid character for an e-mail so I didn’t have any code to prevent it from crashing the app when it tried to run. The original … Read more