MDLXXI Rosarium

Our Lady of Fatima requested that we pray at least 1/3 of the rosary each day. This is just 5 decades (1 set of mysteries) from the 15 decades she gave to St. Dominic centuries earlier.

Why pray the rosary in Latin? This is the language of the Catholic Church and is one of the languages written on the cross that Jesus was crucified on. If you want to see a problem with praying rosaries in the vernacular, attend a rosary prayer group in your area. You’ll hear people using different words in their prayers (thee, thou, you, your) and even more differences in other words in the prayers. I always find it awkward when we’re praying together and saying different words and sentences for the same prayer. This never happens if you pray in Latin.

MDLXXI Latin Rosary is a prayer group to fulfill Our Lady’s request. Don’t worry if you don’t know Latin. You’ll learn what you need to know. You can learn these prayers here or download the free e-book, Essential Latin Prayers.