This is the first recorded prayer to a guardian angel. It was written by St. Macarius of Egypt. He was Coptic monk and hermit born in 300 A.D. and was well known for his great wisdom. His friends called him, “Pidar Yougiron” which translates to “old young man“.

This is the prayer he wrote to his guardian angel:

Holy angel, to whose care this poor soul and wretched body of mine have been given, do not cast me off because I am a sinner, do not hold aloof from me because I am not clean. Do not yield your place to the Spirit of Evil; guide me by your influence on my mortal body. Take my limp hand and bring me to the path that leads to salvation.

Yes, holy angel, God has given you charge of my miserable little soul and body. Forgive every deed of mine that has ever offended you at any time in my life; forgive the sins I have committed today. Protect me during the coming night and keep me safe from the machinations and contrivances of the Enemy, that I may not sin and arouse God’s anger.

Intercede for me with the Lord; ask him to make me fear him more and more, and to enable me to give him the service his goodness deserves.