In a private revelation to Saint Bridget, Our Lord revealed a devotion to honour His Holy Wounds and Precious Blood. It was a daily recital of seven Our Fathers and seven Hail Marys for twelve years. “Know that I will grant the following five graces to those who recite every day for twelve years (or until their death, should they die before):

  1. They will avoid Purgatory.
  2. They will be numbered amongst the martyrs, as though they had shed their blood for the faith.
  3. I will maintain the souls of three of their children (or relatives) in a state of sanctifying grace.
  4. The souls of their relatives, up to four generations, will avoid Hell.
  5. They will know the date of their death one month in advance.”

This revelation was confirmed by Pope Innocent X who added that a soul will be released from Purgatory on Good Fridays through this devotion.